We would like to reach out to you to give you a picture of this beautiful destination. Imagine the light scent of wild herbs, just-picked citrus fruit and wood-burning ovens, and let the journey begin…

You will begin falling in love with the region before you even get here. As you approach the last leg of your journey from Athens, each curve in the road will serve as a prequel to the final turn inland, when the majestic valley of Leonidio and the imposing wall of red cliffs “watching over” the town will quite literally open their arms to you.

We will leave the rest to your imagination…and share some practical info with you instead.

Situated on the southeast coast of the Peloponnese peninsula, in the prefecture of Arcadia, Leonidio is the capital of the Tsakonía region. The town basks in the aura of the imposing rocks of Mount Parnonas, and it is surrounded by the enchanting natural scenery of a lush valley and the endless blue of the Myrtoan Sea in the Argolic Gulf.

Ready to explore? We’ve got you covered! In Leonidio you can…

  • Go rock climbing. Leonidio has established itself as an excellent climbing destination, particularly for colder weather, and everybody in town is working very hard—with the help of dedicated and well-known climbing personalities—to develop crags and add quality new routes.
  • Go mountain biking. Want to test your endurance? Bring your mountain bike in the cooler season and challenge yourself to a ride on the curvy and steep mountain road to Kosmas village. Stop there for a great view, and if you get hungry, don’t miss the traditional goat soup.
  • Visit historic monasteries, traditional mansions and world-class archaeological sites. The famous monastery of Elona is hidden in the cliffs just a stone’s throw away. The traditional mansions of Leonidio, such as the Tsikaliotis House, showcase local architecture at its best. And numerous world-renowned archaeological sites, such as the Unesco World Heritage sites of Mycenae and Tiryns, are just over an hour away.
  • Dive into the blue. The magical underwater world of the Myrtoan Sea awaits, and if it’s your lucky day you may even get to hang out with dolphins. If all you want is a day at the beach, no problem! We promise you can find your own perfect spot at one of many beaches around Leonidio.
  • Experience local festivities and tradition. Easter celebrations at Leonidio, during which softly lit hot air balloons are released above the water at dusk, are not to miss. Famous also are the regional festivals (called panigíri) throughout summer, at the height of which Leonidio also celebrates one of its most acclaimed products, the Tsakonian eggplant (melitzána), with Melitzazz, an annual multi-day festival bringing together food and jazz music!

So add Leonidio to your must-visit places. Summer or winter, spring or fall, it will win you over with its breathtaking nature, diverse activities, mouth-watering local products and cuisine, architecture, and sophisticated accommodation.

We in Leonidio are eager to share its beauty with you and would be honored to have you as our guest!

Getting to Leonidio
Leonidio is located 210 kilometers away from Athens. It is a 3 hour drive from Athens and 1 hour drive from Nafplio. Google Maps Route

If you don’t have a car, you can come with the bus service ( 08:15, 16:00 daily and 08:15, 16:00, 18:30 every Fiday ) of KTEL (Interurban Bus) from Athens.

Athens Bus Station: (+30) 210 5124910, 210 5124911
Leonidio Bus Station: (+30) 27570 22255


Places of interest
Museum "Fabrica of Culture"
Museum "Tsikaliotis Tower"
Information center on Parnon’s flora
Traditional olive oil mill "Marshall"

Useful Phones
Municipality: 27573 60203
Citizens Services (KEP): 27573 60215-8
Police Station: 27570 22222
Fire Service: 27570 22333
Hospital: 27573 60000
Port Authority: 27570 22387
Bus Station: 27570 22255
TAXI: 27570 22372

C. Varnavas: 27570 22200
K. Georgitsis: 27570 22202
J. Kontoleon: 27570 22230

Bike Rental: 27570 22244
Taverns & Restaurants