Mayor’s Welcome

The development of sport climbing in Leonidio started about a decade ago. In this period, it has grown, gradually and sustainably, to comprise almost 2000 bolted routes for all levels. More than 1500 climbers visit our area every year. This may seem like a small number, but for a town of less than 4000 residents, it is significant. The Municipality of South Kynouria has been there from the start to facilitate, develop, and promote climbing in the area utilizing its full resources. Furthermore, it has hosted some of the best climbers in the world, who, together with the rest of the climbing community, have helped spread the word about Leonidio.

The rocks may well be the main attraction for climbers, but Leonidio has a lot more to offer. It is a traditional seaside town, yes, but with an air of sophistication, a distinct local character, and good vibes that instantly make climbers feel like they belong. It doesn’t take long for first-time visitors to immerse themselves in Leonidian culture, fall in love with the food, connect with locals and live the experience.

The feelings are mutual. For us Leonidians, climbing is no longer an unfamiliar trend, but an integral part of local life. We are excited to learn from climbers, be inspired by their enthusiasm, and—why not—start climbing ourselves. Climbing is fantastic, exhilarating!

Which brings us to the present moment. The Leonidio area is establishing itself as a worldwide climbing destination with exemplary organisation and a climbing infrastructure that keeps improving. The next step for our Municipality was obvious: facilitate the clear communication of all the information climbers need to climb safely, navigate the area effectively, and make the most of their Leonidio experience. To this end, we collaborated with the trusted team of Aris Theodoropoulos and Katie Roussos to create this guide. The goal is to paint as complete a picture as possible, so that climbers can plan ahead, familiarise themselves with all necessary climbing and general info about the area, and get a feel for it and its people. We are very proud of this effort and are confident that all climbers will support it. This will allow us to continue the sustainable development of climbing, and to ensure that it operates smoothly according to the highest safety and quality standards.


Haralambos Lysikatos
Mayor of South Kynouria
December 2020

The mayor of South Kynouria, Haralambos Lysikatos, climbing at sector Douvari. Photo: Claude Remy